PIFA антенны ProAnt

О копании ProAnt AB is an antenna company in the M2M and wireless market, providing a wide range of embedded and external antennas. The company offers an antenna product line from 150 MHz to 6 GHz, covering many applications for smart metering and smart home solutions. With the head office located in Sweden, Proant have a site where ideas turn into solutions with support from an excellent R&D team. Since the founding in 2004, our vision has been to deliver antenna solutions that exactly fit customers´ needs. The customers of our products are mainly within AMR like meter manufacturers, utility companies and service providers, but Proant also have antennas for home alarms, wireless medical, positioning (GNSS), etc. Thus we cover most systems like GSM, UMTS, LTE, GPS, WLAN, BT and ISM bands like 169 MHz, 315 MHz, 434 MHz, 868 MHz. We are specialized in embedded antennas for many different product types, like multimedia solutions and Internet of Things, and we are capable to design and integrate custom specific antennas with various requirements. Proant has a strong base in technology and many products are covered by patents and patent pending technology. We also offer consultation with design-in of antennas, as well as design of matching network and transmission lines. Proant have all necessary capabilities for antenna design including anechoic chamber and prototype workshop. For more information, please visit the Proant website (www.proant.se).

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