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LTE Cat NB2/GSM Module

BC97 is a high performance and low power NB-IoT/GSM dual-mode wireless communication module. Its size is only 19.9 mm x 23.6 mm x 2.2 mm, which can meet the demand of terminal equipment for small size and multi-mode products to the greatest extent. At the same time, it can effectively help customers reduce product size and optimize product cost. BC97 is compatible with M95 module in design, which facilitates customers to design and upgrade products quickly and flexibly, and provides rich external interface and protocol stack, which provides great convenience for customers' application.

BC97 adopts LCC+LGA package which is easier to weld. It can realize the rapid production of modules through standard SMT equipment, provide reliable connection mode for customers, and meet the application requirements in complex environment.

With compact size, ultra-low power consumption and free switching of dual-mode network, BC97 can be used in smart meter, shared bicycle, intelligent parking, smart city, security, asset tracking, smart home appliances, wearable equipment, agricultural and environmental monitoring and many other industries to provide perfect short message, voice and data transmission services.

Key benefits

  • LCC + LGA package, compatible with M95
  • NB-IoT/GSM Dual mode free switching
  • GSM Voice call
  • Bluetooth LE

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