Отладочный набор UMTS & LTE EVB - SATRON electronics

Отладочный набор UMTS & LTE EVB

Отладочный набор UMTS & LTE EVB

Quectel supplies UMTS & LTE EVB for designers to develop applications based on Quectel UMTS & LTE modules and Wi-Fi modules. This EVB can test basic functionalities of these modules.

Applicable modules

UMTS&LTE modules:

  • UC20
  • UGxx (UG96/UG95)
  • EC2x (EC25/EC21/EC20/EC20 R2.0/EC20 R2.1)
  • EG9x (EG91/EG95)
  • AG35
  • BG96

Wi-Fi modules:

  • FC20 Series (FC20/FC20-N)
  • AF20

Key Features

Power Supply DC supply: 4.5~5.5V, typical 5V
VBAT: 3.8V for J103
UMTS&LTE TE-A Interface Support UMTS&LTE modules:
Wi-Fi & Ethernet TE-A Interface Support Wi-Fi modules: FC20/AF20
SD Interface Support SD card
(U)SIM Interface Support (U)SIM card insertion detection
Support (U)SIM card: 3.0V and 1.8V
Audio Interfaces One digital audio codec board interface
Support Realteck ALC5616 and TI TLV320AIC3104 codec boards
Three analog interfaces used for loudspeaker, earphone and handset
UART Interfaces Two UART interfaces:
COM1: serial interface for data communication
Max baud rate: 460800bps;
COM2: serial interface for debug purpose
Default baud rate: 115200bps
USB Interface USB 2.0
Signal Indication 5 LEDs are available for signal indication
Button and Switches Power Switch (S201), PWRKEY (S302), RESET (S303), PWRDWN_N
(S301), BT Function Switch (S901)
Physical Characteristics Size: 146.4mm ×115.0mm

Accessories List

  • USB to UART converter cable X 1
  • USB cable  X 1
  • RF cables X 4
  • Main Antennas X 2
  • GNSS Antenna (passive) X 1
  • Wi-Fi Antenna  X 1
  • Earphone X 1
  • USB 2.0 to RS232 driver and USB driver disk X 1
  • ALC5616 and TLV320AIC3104 codec boards X 2
  • Bolts and nuts for assembling EVB X 1 (4 for each type)
  • Instruction sheet of giving instructions for EVB connection, details of EVB accessories, etc. X 1
  • Li-polymer battery X 1