Отладочный набор Mini PCIe EVB - SATRON electronics

Отладочный набор Mini PCIe EVB

Отладочный набор Mini PCIe EVB

Quectel supplies Mini PCIe-EVB kits for designers to develop applications based on Quectel Mini PCIe modules. This EVB can test all functionalities of Quectel Mini PCIe modules.

Applicable modules

  • UC20 Mini PCIe
  • UC15 Mini PCIe
  • EC20 Mini PCIe

Key Features

Power Supply DC supply 4.5V~5.5V typically 5V, VBAT: 3.3V at J202
 (U)SIM Interface USIM/SIM card (6 pins) connector with push loading
USIM/SIM card: 3V and 1.8V
 Audio Interface Used for earphone and handset
 UART Interface COM-serial interface for data communication (default 115200bps)
Max. baud rate: 460800bps
 USB Interface USB 2.0
 Signal Indication 2 LEDs are available for signal indication
 Physical Characteristics Size: 94mm × 58mm

Accessories List

  • USB to UART converter cable
  • USB cable
  • RF cable
  • Antenna
  • 5V DC adapter
  • Earphone
  • Disk involving related documents and drivers
  • Instruction sheet of giving instructions for EVB connection, details of EVB accessories, etc.
  • Bolts and nuts for fixing EVB