Smart LTE многорежимный модуль сотовой связи Quectel SC600Y с Wi-Fi и Bluetooth

  • Smart LTE многорежимный модуль сотовой связи Quectel SC600Y с Wi-Fi и Bluetooth
  • Smart LTE многорежимный модуль сотовой связи Quectel SC600Y с Wi-Fi и Bluetooth
Smart LTE многорежимный модуль сотовой связи Quectel SC600Y с Wi-Fi и Bluetooth
  • ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit Processor (Octa-core)
  • IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • LCC+LGA Package
  • Android 9.0

SC600Y is Quectel’s new generation of multi-mode Smart LTE Cat 6 module with built-in Android 9.0 OS. Based on Qualcomm octa-core and 64-bit high-performance processors with built-in AdrenoTM 506 GPU, SC600Y is designed to support leading performance, various multimedia features and Quick Charge 3.0 technology. It is ideal for both industrial and consumer applications with high data-rate and multimedia functions. SC600Y is available in four variants: SC600Y-NA*, SC600Y-EM*, SC600Y-JP* and Wi-Fi & BT only version SC600Y-WF*.

SC600Y supports multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology. The use of multiple antennas at the receiver end at the same time and on the same frequency band greatly minimizes errors and optimizes the data speed. This module also combines high-speed wireless connectivity with embedded multi-constellation and high-sensitivity GNSS (GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou) receiver for positioning.

A rich set of interfaces (such as LCM, Camera, Touch Panel, MIC, SPK, UART, USB, I2C, SPI) extend the applicability of the module to a wide range of M2M applications, including smart POS, smart cash registers, smart home gateways, smart robots, smart wearables, security surveillance, PDA & tablets, vending machines, delivery lockers, police and law enforcement equipment, in-car video streaming and entertainment systems, etc.

Key features

  • LTE Cat 6 modem supporting 2x20MHz carrier aggregation, with maximum download speed up to 300Mbps
  • Worldwide LTE, UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE coverage
  • Dual LCDs and dual touch panels for independent display and operation: 1920x1200 @60fps for primary display and 1920x1080 @60fps for secondary display
  • Support a maximum of four cameras, with two of them working simultaneously
  • Multi-constellation GNSS receiver available for applications requiring fast and accurate fixes in any environment
  • Support recording and playback of 1080P videos at 60fps

Variant for EMEA/India/Korea/Taiwan/South Asia/Latin America/Australia/New Zealand

  1. SC600Y-EM*LTE FDD:B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B20/B28LTE TDD:B38/B39/B40/B41WCDMA:B1/B2/B4/B5/B8GSM:850/900/1800/1900MHz

Variant for North America

  1. SC600Y-NA*LTE FDD:B2/B4/B5/B7/B12/B13/B14/B17/B25/ B26/B66/B71LTE TDD:B41WCDMA:B2/B4/B5

Variant for Japan

  1. SC600Y-JP*LTE FDD:B1/ B3/B5/B8/B11/B18/B19/B21/B26/B28LTE TDD:B41WCDMA:B1/B6/B8/B19

Variant for Global

  1. SC600Y-WF*Only Support Wi-Fi & BT


      1. LTE:Cat 6 FDD: Max 300Mbps (DL)/Max 50Mbps (UL)Cat 6 TDD: Max 265Mbps (DL)/35Mbps (UL)
      2. UMTS:DC-USDPA: Max 42Mbps (DL)DC-HSUPA: Max 11.2Mbps (UL)WCDMA: Max 384Kbps (DL/UL)
      3. GSM:EDGE: Max 296Kbps (DL)/ 236.8Kbps (UL)GPRS: Max 107Kbps (DL)/Max 85.6Kbps (UL)

Electrical Characteristics

      1. Supply Voltage3.55V~4.4V, 3.8V Typ.
      2. Consumption70uA @power off3.6mA @sleep, Typ.
      3. Output PowerClass 4 (33dBm±2dB) for GSM850Class 4 (33dBm±2dB) for EGSM900Class 1 (30dBm±2dB) for DCS1800Class 1 (30dBm±2dB) for PCS1900Class E2 (27dBm±3dB) for GSM850 8-PSKClass E2 (27dBm±3dB) for EGSM900 8-PSKClass E2 (26dBm±3dB) for DCS1800 8-PSKClass E2 (26dBm±3dB) for PCS1900 8-PSKClass 3 (24dBm+1/-3dB) for WCDMA bandsClass 3 (24dBm±2dB) for LTE-FDD bandsClass 3 (23dBm±2dB) for LTE-TDD bands
      4. SensitivityTBD

Audio & Video

      1. VoLTE:Crystal Clear VoLTE with Ultra HD Voice and SRVCC/CSFB
      2. High Fidelity Music Playback of 24-bit/192kHz
      3. Video:Encode:1080p @60fps (HEVC/H.264)1080p @30fps (MPEG-4/VP8)864x480 @30fps (H.263)Decode:1080p @60fps (HEVC/H.264/VP8/VP9/VC-1/MPEG-4/)1080p @30fps (DivX4.x/5.x/6.x,MPEG-2)864x480 @30fps (H.263)720x480 @30fps (DivX3.11)
      4. Wi-Fi Display Support up to 1080P at 30fps for Encoding and Decoding


      1. LCM:4-lane MIPI_DSIO + 4-lane MIPI_DSI1WUXGA (1920×1200) @60fps
      2. Camera:3 Groups of 4-lane MIPI_CSI, up to 2.1Gbps/Lane Support 3 or 4 CamerasUp to 21MP with Dual ISPs
      3. Touch Panel:Capacitive Touch Panel
      4. Audio:Speaker, Earpiece, Headphone and 3 MICs for Analog AudioSupport One Noise-canceling MIC
      5. USB:Compliant with USB 3.0/2.0 , Support USB OTG
      6. I2C:x5
      7. (U)SIM:×2 (1.8V/2.95V)
      8. UART:×3 (Support 4Mbps with Hardware Flow Control)
      9. SD Card:×1 (3.0, 4-bit SDIO)
      10. PWRKEY:1.8V, Pulled-up Internally
      11. SPI:×2 (Can be Multiplexed into UART and I2S Respectively, and I2S Supports Both Tx and Rx)
      12. ADC:x2
      13. GPIO:x19
      14. Motor Drive:x1
      15. Flash Drive:x2
      16. LED Sink:x4
      17. Antenna:4 Solder Pads for Main/Rx-diversity/GNSS/Wi-Fi&BT Antenna, Respectively

Enhanced Features

      1. WLAN2.4G/5G, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
      2. BluetoothBT2.1+EDR/3.0/4.1 LE/4.2 BLE
      4. Cat 6 Modem with 2x20MHz CA
      5. Support Rx-diversity , DL MIMO 2 × 2
      6. Support 3GPP E-UTRA Release 12
      7. Bandwidth1.4/3/5/10/15/20MHz
      8. Build-in Charge IC & Fuel Gauge
      9. Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 (Optional)
      10. Support Dual LCDs for Independent Display
      11. Support Dual SIM Dual Standby
      12. Firmware Upgrade via USB

General Features

    1. OSAndroid 9.0
    2. Memory16GB eMMC+2GB LPDDR3 (Default)32GB eMMC+4GB LPDDR3 (Optional)
    3. Operating Temperature-35°C ~ +65°C
    4. Dimensions43.0mm × 44.0mm × 2.85mm
    5. PackageLCC+LGA Package
    6. WeightApprox. 13.0g
    * Under Development