Купить GNSS компактный модуль Quectel L26-T в России

Компактный GNSS-модуль c прецизионным PPS выходом Quectel L26-T

  • Компактный GNSS-модуль c прецизионным PPS выходом Quectel L26-T
  • Компактный GNSS-модуль c прецизионным PPS выходом Quectel L26-T
Компактный GNSS-модуль c прецизионным PPS выходом Quectel L26-T
  • Multi-GNSS Systems
  • Extremely Compact Size
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Low Power Consumption

L26-T concurrent GNSS modules features high integrity, precision timing in demanding applications world-wide. Supporting GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS and Galileo constellations, the module is completely compliant with national requirements. L26-T also supports the outputting of multi-GNSS raw data.

Multi-constellation allows accurate navigation in harsh environments such as urban canyons. And the built-in LNA ensures better performance under weak signal circumstances, survey-in and position-fixed navigation reduce timing jitter, even at low signal levels, and enable synchronization to be maintained with as few as one single satellite in view. Support for power saving mode reduces power consumption for battery-powered applications.

L26-T utilizes A-GNSS aiding data, which reduces the time-to-first fix and offers exceptional acquisition sensitivity, even on first installation before precise location, time or frequency are known.

The super performance makes L26-T ideal for base station, automotive, industrial and consumer applications.

Key benefits

  • Ultra-compact size: 12.2mm × 16.0mm × 2.3 mm
  • Multi-GNSS engine for GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS
  • Built-in LNA for better sensitivity
  • Support timing function

GNSS Features

  1. Receiving Bands:GPS L1/Galileo E1 C/A: 1575.42MHzGLONASS L1 C/A: 1602.5625MHzBeiDou B1 C/A: 1561.098MHz
  1. Channels:48 (Tracking)/ 2 ( Fast Acquisition)
  1. Horizontal Position Accuracy:Autonomous: <1.5m CEP
  1. Velocity Accuracy:Without Aid: <0.1m/s
  1. Acceleration Accuracy:Without Aid: <0.1m/s²
  1. Timing Accuracy:1PPS: 3.9ns CEP
  1. TTFF @-130dBm with AGPS:Cold Start: <13sWarm Start: <4sHot Start: <3s
  1. TTFF @-130dBm without AGPS:Cold Start: <35sWarm Start: <29sHot Start: <3s
  1. Sensitivity:Acquisition: -147dBmTracking: -163dBmReacquisition: -156dBm
  1. Dynamic Performance:Maximum Altitude: Max. 18000mMaximum Velocity: Max. 515m/sMaximum Acceleration: 4.5g


  1. UART Interface:Adjustable: 9600bps~115200bpsDefault: 9600bpsUpdate Rate: 1Hz (Default), up to 10HzI/O Voltage: 3.3VProtocols: NMEA 0183
  2. External Antenna Interface:Antenna Type: Passive or ActiveAntenna Power Supply: External

Electrical Characteristics

  1. Power Supply:3.0V~3.6V, typical 3.3V
  2. Acquisition Power:65mA@3.3V (GPS)
  3. Tracking Power:53mA @3.3V (GPS)
  4. Power Saving:9uA@Standby Mode

General Features

  1. Temperature Range:-40°C ~ +85°C
  2. Dimension:12.2mm ×16.0mm ×2.3mm
  3. Weight:approx. 0.9g*
* Under Development