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Radio module

The iM871A is a compact, ultra low power, bidirectional radio module for the 868 MHz frequency band. Using the iM871A in an application minimizes the need for an expensive and time-consuming RF development. Fast time to market is possible with this pre-qualified module.

The iM871A is an ultra-low-power, high-performance, pre-certified module for wireless communication. It operates in the 868 MHz ISM frequency band and includes all necessary passive components for wireless communication

The iM871A is able to transmit at RF power levels up to +14dBm with a current consumption of less than 39mA. In receive mode, the maximum current consumption is less than 19mA with a sensitivity down to -116dBm. With a standby current of less than 0.1μA, the iM871A is optimal suited for battery powered devices while providing an excellent RF performance.

The iM871A provides several useable application interfaces. For serial communication it provides interfaces like UART and SPI. Furthermore it offers up to 17 GPIOs (if not using other interfaces). Except one of the 17 GPIOs, all pins have the capability to be used as analog input to the 10bit ADC or additionally one external interrupt signal.

For low power consumption, the module supports the capability to periodically wake up from sleep mode to listen for incoming RF packets. The RF data rate of the module is adjustable up to 256kbps. Decreasing the data rate will increase the sensitivity which results in a longer RF range.

The module is solderable like a SMD component and can easily be mounted on a simple carrier board with a minimum of required external connections. It is RoHS compliant and pre-qualified in accordance to ETSI EN 300 220-2 V2.1.2. Moreover, with the available firmware for Wireless M-Bus, the module is conform to EN 13757-4:2011 D.

Key Features

  • Compact module 16.8 x 18.6 x 2mm for SMD mounting
  • Ultra low power modes for extended battery lifetime
  • Communication/Configuration via UART, SPI and I²C interface
  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • Analog inputs
  • Supply voltage range from 1.8 to 3.6V
  • RF interface optimized to 50Ω
  • Output power level up to +14dBm
  • High link budget up to 130dB
  • Range up to 3000m (line of sight)
  • 64kByte Flash + 4kByte RAM Memory
  • Pre-Certified according to EN 300 220


  • Wireless networks
  • Metering systems
  • Home-, building-, industrial automation
  • Remote control
  • Wireless sensors
  • Telemetry

Absolute Maximum Ratings

  1. Supply voltage (VDD)-0.3 to 4.0V
  2. Storage Temperature-40 °C to +85 °C
  3. Operation Temperature-20 °C to +70 °C
  4. Voltage on any Px-Pin-0.3 to 5.8V (VDD > 2.2 V)-0.3 to VDD +3.6V (VDD ≤ 2.2V)
  5. Voltage on all Reserved Pins-0.3 to VDD +0.3V
  6. Voltage on P15 acting as external ADC reference voltage (VREF)0 to 3.6V
  7. Instantaneous peak voltage on RF Pin-0.3 to +8.0V
  8. Sustained peak Voltage on RF Pin-0.3 to +6.5V
  9. RF Input Power+10dBm
  10. Total Current through VDD or GND500mA
  11. Output Current sunk by RST or any Px Pin100mA
  12. Total Current through all Px Pins200mA
  13. ESD (Human Body Model)2kV (All pins except RF)1kV (RF)
  14. ESD (Machine Model)150V (All pins except RF)45V (RF)

Global Electrical Characteristics

  1. Supply Voltage (VDD)1.8 to 3.6V, Typ. 3.0V
  2. Current Consumption μC IDLEtyp. 2.8mA (TRX shut down, μC idle mode)
  3. Current Consumption Systen SLEEP200nA (TRX shut down, μC sleep mode, RTC off)850 nA (TRX shut down, μC sleep mode, RTC on)
  4. Current Consumption System IDLE4.2mA (TRX idle mode, μC idle mode)
  5. Current Consumption RECEIVE18.8mA (TRX receive mode, μC sleep mode, all μC units off)
  6. Current Consumption TRANSMIT (TRX transmit mode, μC sleep mode, all μC units off, max. RF power level)27.5mA (VDD = 1.8V)34.1mA (VDD = 3.0V)36.7mA (VDD = 3.6V)
  7. MCU operation frequency24.5MHz20MHz32.768kHz
  8. Memory (Flash)64kByte
  9. Flash Memory Endurance1 - 30k, Erase/Write Cycles
  10. Memory (RAM)4kByte

Module Interface Characteristics

  1. Digital output voltageVDD-0.7V I = -3mA (High level)0.6V I = -3 mA (Low level)
  2. Digital input voltage0.7V x VDD VDD = 1.8 to 2.0V, VDD - 0,6V VDD = 2.0 to 3.6 V (High level)0.3V x VDD VDD = 1.8 to 2.0V, 0,6V VDD = 2.0 to 3.6V (Low level)
  3. Pulse width on RST pin15μs (Low active pin)
  4. Power on reset delay7 - 15ms, VDD = 1.8 to 3.6V
  5. UART baud rate57.6kbps
  6. SPI baud rate6.125 - 12500kbps (SPI baud rate)
  7. ADC resolution8Bit10Bit
  8. Internal Reference Voltage (VREF)1.68V
  9. ADC Input Resistance5kΩ

RF Characteristics

  1. Frequency range868.0 - 868.6MHz (g1 subband)868.7 - 869.2MHz (g2 subband)
  2. Modulation Techniques2-FSK
  3. Sensitivity-116dBm (BER ≤ 1%, 1kbps, 2-FSK, Deviation: ±30kHz)-109dBm (BER ≤ 1%, 4.8kbps, 2-FSK, Deviation: ±7.2kHz)-108dBm (BER ≤ 1%, 10kbps, 2-FSK, Deviation: ±20 kHz)-105dBm (BER ≤ 1%, 32.768kbps, 2-FSK, Deviation: ±80 kHz)-102dBm (BER ≤ 1%, 100kbps, 2-FSK, Deviation: ±80 kHz)-98dBm (BER ≤ 1%, 256kbps, 2-FSK, Deviation: ±120kHz)

Transmitter RF Characteristics

  1. Frequency range868.0 - 868.6MHz (g1 subband)868.7 - 869.2MHz (g2 subband)
  2. RF Output Power+12.5 - +14dBm, Typ. +13dBm (VDD = 3.6V)
  3. RF Data Rate4.8kbps32.768kbps100kbps
  4. Modulation Techniques2-FSK
  5. Modulation Deviation±4.8..±7.2kHz±40..±80kHz
  6. TX Frequency Variation vs. Temperature-20 to +70°C (±10ppm)

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